Important Etiquette When Attending Theatre Performances

Attending a theatrical performance is remarkable to people taking part for the first time. What to wear and how to conduct yourself are among the questions that may perturb your mind. With several moments that call for applause, you don’t want to look embarrassed before your peers. Here are tips to enhance your theatre etiquette.

Keep Your Phone Silent

Nothing calls for silence more than an impressive performance from the best artist in a theatre. However, the sound of a low-quality recording of a song from your phone can not only make the crowd angry but could embarrass you. Therefore, put the phone in a vibrating or silent mode to avoid distracting the audience.

Avoid Making Noise

Are you attending the performance as a group or with your loved one? Avoid making loud comments that will be unnecessary to the audience. For example, avoid unwrapping candies or coughing during the event. Each unwarranted sound will make others miss essential bits of the performance and could annoy them.

Avoid Texting

When a performance is ongoing, different lighting is in place. Replying to emails or texts will bring out glowing lights from your phone that will distract both the audience and the performing team. By maintaining a dark environment in a theatre hall, all the participants can focus on the stage.

Applaud Gently

It is usual for a performance to impress you to the point of a standing ovation. However, applauding the actors with loud shouts and heavy clapping can be a bother to others. So instead, clap gently and make that incredible sound without shouting to the maximum.

Singing Along

A beautiful song amid an impressive performance may prompt you to sing along because you know the words. Don’t do this because it will distract people around you. Just sit and enjoy the performance without uttering a word of the song.